Everything you need to know about minting cosmic mushroom nfts

mint @ mint.cosmicmushrooms.io

The blockchain is a revolutionary way to create, build, sell, and secure information and assets. It's still new, but we believe that new ideas and technology (like mushrooms) can change the world for good. So we figured, why not try to expand our minds.

Never ever ever ever ever click a link to puchase a Cosmic Mushrooms NFT that isn't on the offical Cosmic Mushrooms social media or website. The mint will be at mint.cosmicmushrooms.io - nowhere else.

Mint is currently scheduled for early Fall 2022 at mint.cosmicmushrooms.io.

No! Why? We kinda hate Discord. We're trying to raise money for research and make cool art, not start the next Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Yes! The combination of 15+ mattes/backgrounds, 20+ art print color variants, and 40 frames will make 12,000+ combinations - and we're only releasing 1,111.

Yeah! Once minted, Cosmic Mushrooms NFTs will be available on L1 Solana NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Magic Eden, etc.

Not currently. But we are planning holder-only posters and merch. Stay tuned!

Well, first off - be careful. Only follow links from a COSMICMUSHROOMS.io and COSMICMUSHROOMS.org web page (this page or mint.cosmicmushrooms.io), and check out this helpful guide to purchasing Solana NFTs: A Non-Crypto User's Guide to Buying Solana NFTs

You've probably heard about people getting rich buying NFTs. And, I mean, sure that happens. But the point of the Cosmic Mushrooms NFT collection isn't to get rich, it's to support rad artists, own cool art, and help the organizations on the vanguard of psychedelic research. So don't empty your 401k to buy anything here.